Weekday Schedule

1:00amChanged By LoveJim Keavney
1:30amA Daily WalkJohn Randall
4:00amSomebody Loves YouRaul Ries
4:30amChange For TodaySteve Westfall
5:00amNew In ChristBob Lane
5:30amStraight From The HeartJoe Focht
6:00amThe Word For TodayChuck Smith
6:30amTruth For A ChangeRobert Bigouette
7:00amSet For LifeRay Jensen
7:30amThe Word To Stand OnRon Arbaugh
8:00amA Daily WalkJohn Randall
8:30amRevival Radio John Miller
9:00amOn The LevelPancho Juarez
9:30amA Sure FoundationDavid Rosales
10:00amLarger Than LifeRon Hindt
10:30amThe Word For TodayChuck Smith
11:00amStraight From The HeartJoe Focht
11:30amCalvary CurrentBunjee Garrett
12:00pmChange For TodaySteve Westfall
12:30pmTruth For A ChangeRobert Bigouette
1:00pmA Daily WalkJohn Randall
1:30pmRevival RadioJohn Miller
2:00pm66/40Chuck Missler
2:30pmSomebody Loves YouRaul Ries
3:00pmA New BeginningGreg Laurie
3:30pmAccording to the ScripturesDamian Kyle
4:00pmNew In ChristBob Lane
4:30pmThe Word To Stand OnRon Arbaugh
5:00pmTruth For A ChangeRobert Bigouette
5:30pmA Daily WalkJohn Randall
6:00pmOn The LevelPancho Juarez
6:30pmChange For TodaySteve Westfall
7:00pmA Sure FoundationDavid Rosales
7:30pmRevival RadioJohn Miller
8:00pmThe Word For TodayChuck Smith
8:30pmThe ConnectionSkip Heitzig
9:00pmCalvary CurrentBunjee Garrett
9:30pmLarger Than LifeRon Hindt
10:00pmA New BeginningGreg Laurie
10:30pmFeatured Music
11:00pmFeatured Music
11:30pmFeatured Music